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Supporting the fabric of our community.

We are not a healthcare organization. We are not first responders. We are not doing the critical work of those groups to protect the health and safety of our communities in the face of the coronavirus known as COVID-19. However, we are a community. We are a community built around the magic of local discovery. We believe that the best spots have a face and name. Over the past year we have had the pleasure of meeting many of those faces around New York City. We delight in telling their stories, highlighting their businesses and sharing what makes them unique.

Today, many of these businesses remain closed. The locals that literally define the character and fabric of our neighborhoods face an uncertain future. When will we reopen? Will people feel comfortable stopping by and shopping, eating, drinking? Can we make it another month without sales? Another two months? Another three months? These are impossible questions.

We began thinking creatively about what we could offer to support these local businesses. What we could do. In profiling many local shops and shop owners, we have captured thousands of photos of these local businesses and across New York City. We are proud to be able to share these photos with you.

As long as COVID-19 keeps these businesses closed we will donate all profits from the sale of our prints and photographs to the shops and shop owners we have captured across New York City.  We of course have to cover the cost of printing and shipping these prints to you but we're pleased to do what we can to support those who make our community what it is.

We invite you to join us. If you were looking to commemorate a trip or anniversary, now is the time. If you're staring at your blank kitchen wall looking for inspiration, now is the time. Select your favorite print from our collection and you'll be helping support those who make New York what it is.

Perry & Team Jaunt

Our collection from the streets and small businesses of New York City

While this global health crisis keeps local businesses shuttered we will be donating all of the profits from the sale of our collection of photographs to the small businesses we have captured. If you purchase a print of a specific small business such as Partybus Bakeshop on the Lower East Side or the Strand Book Store in Union Square we will donate the profits of that sale to that specific business. If you purchase a print of park or street captured around the city we will donate the profits from that sale directly to a local small business in need within our community.

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