American Italian Cuisine | Casual but elegant vibe
(212) 777-2410website
2 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010
What locals are saying . . .

Next time you eat at Maialino (we’re already skipping ahead to the second time) you will be stricken with anxiety over whether or not to order the same thing you ordered first time because it was so amazing you can’t imagine not getting it. Or do you order something new? After all there is an entire menu that you haven’t explored and it would be a waste to only ever try one dish…..but would it?!? eek! Here’s what you do. Encourage the rest of your party to order new dishes and then order your favorite. Exchange a few bites of your favorite dish for a little taste of everyone else’s and be glad you’ve found a brunch loop hole. My brunch order is always the same, Ricotta Pancakes and a side of their Thick Cut Black Pepper Bacon. Next step you won’t be asking yourself where should we get brunch in gramercy park? You’ll be asking, when are we getting brunch at Maialino?

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